Micro Change - Backstory

Microman Salam/Saram came to Earth with 'MICROM 2000' computer (Teletraan I predecessor :D).

MC-01 MC-02 MC-03 are created for Reconnaissance
MC-10 later created to be Energy resupply Base for the MicroCassettes

MC-08 & MC-09 are being used to engage directly with Acroyears

MC-07 MC-11 MC-12 MC-13 later built with heavy-armor

MC-05s & MC-06s are created to monitor Earth for any Acroyears sub-space activity

MC-14 MC-15 MC-16 later helped in attacking the Acroyears' HQ

Snippets of 'Microman Secret File Vol. 1', translated by MicroBry
Using a “subspace generator”, ten MICROMAN survivors materialized on Earth after the loss of their homeworld known as MICROEARTH. This was quickly followed by the ACROYEAR invasion of our planet.

Thus began the conflict on Earth between MICROMAN and ACROYEAR.

Not long after these events, “SALAM” became the eleventh MICROMAN to reach our world, bringing with him the “MICROM 2000” supercomputer, having rescued it during a harrowing last-minute escape from the final stages of MICROEARTH’s destruction.

SALAM was an expert technician, and soon used the MICROM 2000 module to create an ever-expanding new series of MICROCHANGE mecha in order to try putting a stop to the ACROYEAR invasion.

First, the MICROSS, CONDOR and JAGUAR MICROCASSETTEs were built and put in charge of terrestrial reconnaissance. Next CASSETTEMAN was constructed as an energy resupply base for the MICROCASSETTE corps, while the CASSETTE-MACHINE JET HELI and BATTLE BIKE were utilized by MICROMAN to engage the ACROYEAR threat.

Meanwhile, the ACROYEARS welcomed the Admiral ACRODEVIL as the new supervisor of their Earth operations, and were strengthening their military forces. The focus of their attacks would be upon MICROMAN and their friends, the Earthling children.

Therefore SALAM crafted the GUN ROBO in the shapes of model guns and entrusted the children with them. The GUN ROBO BROWNING, 44 MAGNUM and WALTHER could CHANGE into heavily armored robots in an instant and stand up to the ACROYEAR attacks.

The ACROYEARS thus began to extend their various subversive plots not only toward MICROMAN, but towards humanity as well. As such, being prepared for random ACROYEAR attacks popping in and out of subspace proved exceedingly difficult.
Therefore, MICROMAN created CAMERA ROBO and WATCH ROBO with the ability to detect the ACROYEARs in defense of the Earth. As a direct result, the extra-dimensional ACROYEAR fortress was discovered at last and it finally became possible for MICROMAN to directly approach the enemy’s headquarters.
In the meantime the ACROYEARS viciously counterattacked, but their tactics were repeatedly foiled by the mysterious METEOR ROBO.

The Admiral ACRODEVIL became so infuriated, he became intent on nothing less than the complete annihilation of the Earth. MICROMAN continued to produce more and more MICROCHANGE mecha and gave all their effort toward building their defenses.

KEY ROBO, RADICASSE ROBO, MICRO-SCOPE, SCOPEMAN, BEAM ROBO…this MICROCHANGE mecha squadron fights on to protect peace on this beautiful planet Earth, and the rest of the universe!!


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